Mavrick Altman

  • Mavrick Altman Mavrick Altman started his time at North Technical High School in the Outdoor Construction hybrid program. And it’s fitting because he’s managed to combine several aspects of his life into one meaningful career as a student. Mavrick stands out as a student in the classroom, taking part in leadership opportunities, working part-time and volunteering in his community and internationally.

    First and foremost, Mavrick makes excellent grades at Pattonville High School, in the Pattonville School District, where he attends part-time. The other half of his school day is at North Technical High School, where he is holding an A average in the Electrical Trades program.

    As a successful student, he was a perfect candidate for the Fred Saigh Leadership Program. During his time in the program, he has gained interpersonal skills as well as confidence. He’s also had the opportunity to volunteer through the leadership program—having taken part in fundraisers to benefit therapy dogs and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

    Mavrick combined all of his skills when he traveled to Honduras to help build houses for those in need. Thanks to his construction and fundraising skills, his group was able to build three houses for the homeless.