Jacob Bartola

  • Jacob Bartola Jacob Bartola is an inspiration to all of those around him with his joyful spirit and dedication to learning. He is a fifth-grader at Blades Elementary School in the Mehlville School District and receives services from SSD.

    Jake has surmounted numerous health obstacles throughout his young life. He has proven to be a great role model to his peers, and he has made great academic progress.

    “Jake arrives to school every day with a smile on his face, and he possesses a laugh and positive attitude that is contagious,” said Nancy Wamser, an occupational therapist at Blades who co-nominated Jake for the Rosemary Zander Award. “He perseveres and keeps trying in spite of his challenges.”
    Jake participates in Special Olympics and is a member of the Hugs 4 Life Club at Blades, in which students participate in activities that foster empathy, compassion and respect for others.

    “Jake lights up a room with his enthusiasm and hard work,” said Wamser. “He is a real treasure.”