Najda Bosnic

  • Najda Bosnic Najda Bosnic is an ambassador and leader among her peers at SSD’s South Technical High School and at Oakville High School in the Mehlville School District.

    Najda is enrolled in the dental sciences program at South Tech. She is a South Tech Ambassador, serving this year as a lead ambassador who speaks at other high schools to explain the opportunities available at South Tech. She has also been a student ambassador at Oakville.

    As a member of the German Honor Society at Oakville, she has created connections with international students to promote cultural understanding. In the community, she has volunteered to provide clothing and food for those affected by floods and those who are refugees.

    Najda hopes to use the skills that she is learning at South Tech to become a pediatric orthodontist or a sonographer. She has been accepted into Maryville University, where she has earned a Barat Scholarship for high-achieving students.

    “Najda is an inspiration to others because people perceive in her a gift for learning and sharing her knowledge,” said Kristin Vergano, instructor in South Tech’s dental sciences program.