Samuel Gregory

  • Samuel Gregory Samuel Gregory knows that he wants to spend his life helping others.

    That guiding goal is evident each day when Samuel shows up as a student in the law enforcement program at SSD’s South Technical High School, according to Sue Gibbons, the South Tech instructor who nominated him for the Rosemary Zander Award.

    “He displays good initiative, excellent communication skills and is very organized,” said Gibbons, who teaches in the law enforcement program at South Tech. “He frequently volunteers for additional responsibilities, is supportive of his teammates and is an asset to my program.”

    Samuel has received recognition for his academic achievements at South Tech and at his home school of Lafayette High School in the Rockwood School District. He’s earned top honors as a member of South Tech’s SkillsUSA team.

    He is also an active volunteer, including community service work with Operation Clean Stream, the Appalachia Service Project, the Salvation Army and a local homeless shelter.

    “I’m confident he will be a success in life as he continues to grow and develop, and I’m excited about his future,” said Gibbons.