Markell Tompkins

  • Markell Tompkins Markell Tompkins is a high school senior looking to make a difference in the world. At University City High School in the School District of University City, he is an active member of the Key Club, a student-led organization in which members strive to improve their community through volunteer projects.

    As a four-year member of the school’s Student Council, he reached the position of secretary, and has helped work for justice and equality in the school community and beyond. He’s also active in TREND—Turning Resources and Energy into New Directions—a national organization advocating a lifestyle free of the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. As part of TREND, he’s demonstrated leadership and creative ideas for the club and volunteered at numerous events to promote the cause.

    Two years ago, he earned the Boy Scouts of America rank of Eagle Scout. His project toward this award involved constructing benches for a daycare center. He’s earned numerous awards and honors with the Boy Scouts, and has volunteered as a camp counselor.

    Along with all of this, he’s managed to be a strong student—always eager to learn. He participates in the community-based vocational instruction program at The Gatesworth, where he’s gained much practical experience and developed problem-solving skills.

    “I have witnessed Markell grow as a useful citizen and display leadership qualities, gaining the courage to engage and further serve,” said his SSD teacher Alexandra Kavourinos. “Markell is a positive role model in and out of the school.”