SSD Special Education Schools Reopening Status

  • Special Education Schools and Programs
    Ackerman, Bridges, Litzsinger, Neuwoehner, Northview, Southview and Vocational Skills Program

    Phase 2 Family Choice Full Time 
    Currently Phase 2: Family Choice Full-Time



SSD Special Education Schools Reopening Planning Overview

  • The Special School District Board of Education is reviewing COVID-19 community health data and has considered proposed timelines for the return of students and staff to SSD’s schools and programs. 

    The Board of Education has decided to begin phased reopening of SSD’s schools and programs according to the timelines outlined below.

    SSD Special Education Schools and Programs

    Ackerman School, Bridges, Litzsinger School, Neuwoehner High School, Northview High School, Southview School and Vocational Skills Program (VSP)

    • Beginning November 9, 2020 – Phase 1: Family Choice Hybrid
      Family choice of 2 days per week in-person learning or 100% distance learning
    • Beginning January 19, 2020 – Phase 2: Family Choice Full-Time
      Family choice of 5 days per week in-person learning or 100% distance learning

    Phases 1 and 2 for all SSD schools and programs include a family choice option that allows families to choose to participate in our phased reopening or opt to continue distance learning for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year. Families wishing to continue distance learning will also have an option to receive related services in-person.  

    Students who attend in-person classes during the phases that include hybrid learning will be divided into two groups — with Group A attending in-person classes on different days than Group B. 

    Reopening Phases for SSD’s Special Education Schools & Programs

    There are three phases of reopening for SSD’s special education schools and programs, including Bridges and the Vocational Skills Program. Click on the circles below for more information about each phase.

Special Education School Re-entry Plans

  • SSD administrators are currently updating school re-entry plans with the latest information from county, state and federal health departments, as well as the most recent planning regarding school reopening. As those documents are finalized, you will find links to each school's re-entry plan here. 

  • Ackerman Re-entry Plan
  • Bridges Re-entry Plan
  • Litzsinger Re-entry Plan
  • Neuwoehner Re-entry Plan
  • Northview Re-entry Plan
  • Southview Re-entry Plan
  • Vocational Skills Program Re-entry Plan

Return-to-School Videos for Special Education Schools

  • Ackerman Return-to-School Video
  • Litzsinger Return-to-School Video
  • Neuwoehner Return-to-School Video
  • Northview Return-to-School Video
  • Southview Return-to-School Video