SSD Parent Handbook (Section 2) – Evaluation

  • How is a student referred to SSD and how do they qualify for special education services?


    1. Identify Educational Concerns: Educational concerns relevant to a child may be identified in the classroom or from parents.

    2. Request for Evaluation and Referral: Parents or school district staff can request the student be tested if a disability is suspected. Though requests can be made verbally, it is recommended that requests be in writing and sent to the school guidance counselor, principal and SSD area coordinator.

      Concerns and relevant information and data are reviewed by the Building Level Team/Care team which consists of school counselor, principal, teacher etc. to determine if the student should be referred for evaluation.

      Note: As SSD provides special education and related services to all districts within St. Louis County, SSD staff will be part of the Building Level team and will conduct theevaluation and testing.

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      It must be determined if a disability is suspected within 30 days of receiving the request for referral.

    3. Review of Existing Data (RED): If it is determined that an evaluation is warranted, an evaluation plan is developed through a review of existing data to identify what additional information is required in order to determine:

      • Whether the child is eligible for services through identification as a child with an educational diagnosis based on state criteria
      • The child’s “Present Level of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance” based on how the child is currently performing in school
      • Whether that disability interferes with the child’s educational performance
      • Whether the child needs special education & related services
      • Whether, in the case of a reevaluation, any adaptations or modifications are needed to enable the child to meet IEP annual goals and participate, as appropriate, in the general education curriculum

        RED meeting attendees include parents/guardians, school staff and SSD staff members.

    4. Evaluation: An evaluation is the detailed gathering of relevant information about a person's performance, behavior and/or suspected disabilities.

      An educational evaluation is completed utilizing assessment tools in order to identify a student who is in need of special education services and to determine the strengths and needs of the child.

      If it is determined that your child should be evaluated, a Notice of Action/intent to Evaluate will be provided to the parent/guardian. Written parental consent must be obtained prior to any assessments.

      The results of the testing, along with information from the student’s teacher(s) and parents, will be used to determine if the child is eligible for special education and related services according to State of Missouri criteria.

      map pin marker The Eligibility Determination Conference must be held within 60 days from the date signed parental consent is received.

      If eligible, the evaluation results will be used to determine the best educational services for the student.

    5. Assessment: An assessment is needed in order to:

      • Identify the need for special education
      • Determine eligibility for special education according to state criteria
      • Evaluate a student's performance level
      • Identify interventions to help the child to be more successful in general education
      • Make recommendations for the student's educational program, or
      • Determine if the student can continue to receive special education services

    Eligibility Determination: At the eligibility conference, the results of the assessments will be shared with the team and it will be determined if your student meets eligibility criteria and requires special education and related services.

    If it is determined that your child does not meet eligibility criteria for special education, the local school will be responsible for meeting your child’s educational needs.

    If your student meets eligibility criteria, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) will be developed.

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    The IEP will be developed within 30 days of eligibility determination.

Initial Evaluation Process Flowchart

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  • ​What if my child is found “not eligible” for special education services?

  • What is a re-evaluation?

Re-evaluation Process Flowchart

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