SSD Guidance for Distance Learning

  • The information in this section is intended to provide guidance to our families, staff and partner districts for distance learning. It includes details about distance learning plan expectations and resources to support families, students and educators.

    This information constitutes SSD’s general expectations. Partner districts will follow partner district expectations. Expectations may be adjusted based on the partner district requirements and individual needs of each student.

  • Distance Learning Resources for Families
  • Distance Learning Resources for Educators
  • Distance Learning Survey Results

Delivery Model for Learning

  • Remote Learning

  • Partner District Support

Distance Learning Plan Expectations

  • Expectations Overview

  • General Education/Co-Taught Classroom

  • Resource Classroom

  • Self-Contained Classroom

  • Technical High School Teachers

  • Related Service

  • Elective/Specials

  • ABA

  • Facilitators

  • Effective Practice Specialists

  • Area Coordinators

  • Directors

  • Case Manager

  • Paraprofessionals

  • Vocational Skills Program

  • The below guidelines provide guidance for student engagement in a virtual environment with virtual activities. We should strive to provide services to the maximum extent possible to best meet the needs of our students in a virtual setting.

Guidelines for Special Education Virtual Learning Sessions

Guidelines for Career & Technical Education Virtual Learning Sessions