Student Scholarships Available

  • Special School District of St. Louis County partners with several groups throughout the region to provide scholarship opportunities to our students. Over the years, many thousands of dollars have been raised and passed along to help SSD students take the next step in their education journey.

    Graduating seniors once again have several opportunities to apply for scholarships that are only available to students who receive SSD services and/or attend one of the District’s technical high schools. Applications are filled out online and each scholarship is unique and has its own specific requirements.


    James E. Westbury Memorial Board of Education Scholarships

    For many years, the SSD Board of Education has provided scholarships to deserving students. The scholarship is named after former Board President James Westbury, who dedicated his life to the education of students throughout the St. Louis region. Applicants must provide a resume and letter of recommendation as well as write a short essay on how they plan to reach their goals. The SSD Board members serve as the selection committee, and typically select two winners per year. Click here to apply for the James E. Westbury Memorial Board of Education Scholarship. Applications are due Jan. 15, 2021.

    Bonhomme Lions Scholarships

    The Bonhomme Lions have performed countless fundraisers over the years in order to donate scholarships to worthy SSD students. The Lions continue to be a valued partner with SSD as their commitment to supporting students has remained strong over many years. The Bonhomme Lions meet each year to select multiple winners who show strong character, demonstrate academic achievement and participate in community service. Click here to apply for the Bonhomme Lions Scholarship. Applications are due Jan. 15, 2021.

    Allison M. Haake Memorial Scholarship

    Allison Marie Haake was a former teacher assistant with the District, and from an early age she knew she wanted to make a career of working with children. For more than a decade, the Haake family has awarded a scholarship in memory of their daughter to a graduating senior who has dedicated time to working with children. Graduating seniors who have experience working with children can apply here for the Allison M. Haake Memorial Scholarship. Applications are due Jan. 15, 2021.

    Special Education Foundation John Cary Scholarships

    The Special Education Foundation (SEF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of students with disabilities within the St. Louis area. Each year, the SEF awards scholarships to college-bound students receiving SSD services. Given in honor of John Cary, former SSD superintendent, these scholarships are awarded to students that reflect the characteristics most admired by John Cary -- resiliency, courage and determination.
    Visit the SEF website for complete details and application forms.

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