Student Scholarships Available

  • Special School District of St. Louis County is fortunate to partner with regional organizations that provide scholarship opportunities for our students. Over the years, many thousands of dollars have been donated to help SSD students take the next step in their education journey.

    Graduating seniors should consider applying for these scholarships that are exclusively available to students who receive SSD services and/or attend one of the District’s technical high schools. Each scholarship has specific requirements and applications must be completed online via the links below.

    SSD scholarship winners will be honored at the Commitment for Kids Banquet, which will be held in March (date TBA). 



    James E. Westbury Memorial Board of Education Scholarships

    The SSD Board of Education and other donors provide funds for scholarships each year to SSD students who plan to attend a college, university, or post-secondary program. These scholarships are named in memory of James E. Westbury, who served on the SSD Board for many years and dedicated his life to the education of students throughout the St. Louis region. 

    Scholarships are awarded to the students who best demonstrate the ability to define a goal and are preparing to achieve that goal.

    Recipients of this scholarship will be selected by members of the SSD Board. In most years, two students are selected for scholarships in the amount of $2,000. The funds will be paid directly to each student's college, university, or post-secondary program.

    Click here to apply for the James E. Westbury Scholarship. 

    Bonhomme Lions Scholarships

    For many years, the Bonhomme Lions have donated funds for scholarships to SSD students. The organization selects students who have demonstrated strong character, high academic achievement, and participation in community service.

    Scholarship applications will be reviewed and recipients determined by the Bonhomme Lions Scholarship Committee. The scholarship recipients each typically receive $1,000 to be used toward education expenses at the recipient's chosen college, university, or post-secondary program. The scholarship amounts will depend on funds available.

    Click here to apply for the Bonhomme Lions Scholarship

    Allison M. Haake Memorial Scholarship

    Established in 2008, the Allison M. Haake Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a qualifying SSD student each year. The scholarship was established in memory of Allison Marie Haake, a former SSD teacher assistant. Allison was an inspirational young woman who, at an early age, knew she wanted to make a career of working with children.

    Scholarship applications will be reviewed and a recipient determined by the Allison Haake family. The scholarship recipient will receive $2,000 to be used toward expenses at the recipient's chosen college, university, or post-secondary program.

    Apply here for the Allison M. Haake Memorial Scholarship.


    The John Cary Scholarships

    NOTE- NOT DUE UNTIL JANUARY 24, 2022: The John Cary Scholarships are given in honor of John Cary, former Superintendent of Schools for the Special School District. As superintendent, John gave tirelessly of his time to students, staff and parents. A hallmark of John’s leadership was the caring and generous hand he extended to the Special Education Foundation. The John Cary Scholarships will be given to graduating students who receive services from the Special School District of St. Louis County – special education and/or technical education. The selected students will reflect the characteristics most admired by John Cary – resiliency, courage, and determination.

    The Special Education Foundation’s John Cary Scholarships are for $5,000 and can be used for tuition only. The scholarship must be used during the upcoming school year.

    All applications must be complete for consideration and must include a copy of pages 1 and 2 of Form 1040 from the family’s most recent tax return. Selection is determined by a committee comprised of SEF Board, SSD Board, SSD Superintendent, former superintendents, and Carol Cary.

    Apply here for the John Cary Scholarship


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