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Special School District of St. Louis County

Prop S Progress

Neuwoehner High School
Students ages 14 to 21 years with a range of disabilities attend Neuwoehner, located in Town & Country. They come from nearby school districts: Brentwood, Clayton, Kirkwood, Ladue, Maplewood-Richmond Heights, Normandy, Ritenour, Pattonville, University City and portions of Parkway and Rockwood. Neuwoehner also serves students with autism from throughout Central and South St. Louis County.

  • Neuwoehner 2015
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Outdated air conditioning chillers were replaced with a high-efficiency chiller. A new air handler supplies conditioned fresh air to the building via air ducts located in the corridors and room ceilings.


  • equipment_1
  • equipment_2
  • equipment_3
  • equipment_4
  • equipment_5


Updates to the school entrance began in the summer of 2014 which include a new vehicular traffic pattern for safer student drop off and pick up, as well as additional parking. (Work in progress)
  • Neuwoehner_wow_1
  • Neuwoehner_wow_2
  • Neuwoehner_wow_3
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  • Neuwoehner_wow_7
  • Neuwoehner_wow_8
  • Neuwoehner_wow_9
  • Neuwoehner_wow_11
  • Neuwoehner_wow_12
  • Neuwoehner_wow_13
  • Neuwoehner_wow_14
  • Neuwoehner_wow_15
  • Neuwoehner_wow_16
  • Neuwoehner_wow_17
  • Neuwoehner_wow_18
  • Neuwoehner_wow_19
  • Neuwoehner_wow_20
  • Neuwoehner_wow_21
  • Neuwoehner_wow_22
  • Neuwoehner_wow_23


Six additional classrooms, new restroom and common space are being added at Neuwoehner.

  • New_Add_1
  • New_Add_2
  • New_Add_3
  • New_Add_4
  • New_Add_5
  • New_Add_6
  • New_Add_7
  • New_Add_8
  • New_Add_9
  • New_Add_10


A new playground is being built for students at Neuwoehner.


  • new_playground_1
  • new_playground_2
  • new_playground_3
  • new_playground_4
  • new_playground_5
  • new_playground_6



SSD Fast Facts
  • Added new entrance, vehicular traffic pattern and parking expansion
  • Added six classrooms, restrooms and common space
  • Updated to HVAC system

As other projects are finalized and approved by the Board of Education, we will feature them here. Check back soon for more Prop S Progress!

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