About the Homebound Department

  • apple with books and pencils on desk SSD's Homebound Department collaborates with partner districts' general and special education staff and parents to provide and support highly qualified teachers (for students who are unable to access services in a school setting) by providing a system to gather data, provide training, offer support and efficiently assign, deliver and report services in a professional and positive manner.

    If you are a family member seeking information about obtaining homebound services for a student, please contact Karen Whelan at kswhelan@ssdmo.org or 314.989.8383, or Kari Farless at krinkus@ssdmo.org or 314.989.8433.

Homebound Hero Award

  • Do you know someone who deserves a Homebound Hero Award? Show appreciation for any student, teacher, or staff who has been involved with a Homebound Hero Award.

Key Contacts