About the North Tech One-to-One Program

  • North Tech launched a One-to-One program in the 2017-2018 school year. With this program, all full-day students at North Tech High School are issued one HP touchscreen Chromebook at the start of the school year to use both at school and at home. Devices are distributed during the first week of school during an orientation session embedded into the school day. View the One-to-One Device Parent/Student Handbook.

    At North Tech, technology is already infused into many classrooms and in various ways throughout the school. With our One-to-One initiative, the HP Chromebooks will be used to replace some traditional textbooks and paper and pencil assignments. Through this use of technology, students will be able to access online resources that were previously unavailable. The students will also have 24/7 access to their One-to-One device giving them access to research materials to complete assignments and homework at their fingertips.

For Students

  • Students are responsible for the general care of the one-to-one devices that have been issued by the district. ANY one-to-one device LOST, STOLEN, or FULLY DAMAGED MUST BE REPORTED TO SCHOOL AUTHORITIES IMMEDIATELY.

    General Precautions

    • Do not allow food or drinks near your one-to-one device while it is in use.
    • The one-to-one device keyboard, keys, screen, and casing must remain free of any writing, drawing, or etching.
    • One-to-one devices must have a Special School District asset tag on them at all times. Purposefully removing or altering the asset tag will result in disciplinary action. Should the asset tag come off, the device must be brought to the help desk as soon as possible.
    • One-to-one devices should never be left unattended or placed in an unsecured area such as an unlocked locker or classroom.
    • One-to-one devices should not be left in a vehicle that could potentially reach extreme hot and cold temperatures.
    • Students are responsible for bringing their one-to-one devices completely charged to school each day.
    • One-to-one devices that are damaged or fail to work properly must be taken to the technology office as soon as possible.


    Using Your One-to-One Device at School

    • One-to-one devices are intended for school use each day.
    • District and school information, announcements, calendars, and schedules may be accessed using the one-to-one device.
    • When one-to-one devices are not in use they should be locked in lockers.
    • Students are responsible for bringing their one-to-one device to all classes unless specifically advised not to do so by their teacher.


    One-to-One Device Technical Support

    All one-to-one device technical support will be provided through the Technology Office (314.989.8686).

    Services provided include the following:

    • Hardware maintenance and repairs
    • Password resets
    • User account support
    • Coordination and completion of warranty repairs
    • Distribution of loaner one-to-one devices
    • ALL REPAIRS must be completed by technology office staff
    • DO NOT take any district-owned one-to-one device to an outside computer service for any type of repair or maintenance.