SSD Salutes Staff, Community, Teacher of the Year

  • clarence hines and don bohannon

    When students walk into the Law Enforcement Program classroom at SSD’s North Technical High School, they are met with an instructor who has a passion for teaching and a love of mentoring.

    Clarence Hines develops relationships with his students and encourages them to meet high expectations.

    “Mr. Hines is a mentor and leader,” said Nehemiah Anderson, a senior in the Law Enforcement Program. “He leads by example. He loves his job and would do it even if he didn’t get paid. He’s passionate and really cares for people.”

    Hines has been named SSD’s 2019 Teacher of the Year for his dedication to students and his innovative efforts to help inspire them to achieve their full potential.

    For the past seven years, Hines has taught Law Enforcement at North Tech. He previously worked for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department for 21 years in high profile units, including the Intelligence Division, Narcotics Division and Violent Crime Task Force.

    Hines continues to serve the citizens of St. Louis as a volunteer police chaplain in addition to being a pastor and author.

    Students in the Law Enforcement Program are introduced to an array of training exercises, crime scenarios, and self-defense and fitness training. They learn about conflict mediation and resolution, investigation techniques, and are trained in the use of advanced security-related equipment, including vehicles.

    Hines believes when students know teachers care, great things can happen. “I want to teach and inspire to ensure that students are prepared for the next steps in their lives,” he said.

    Hines is the North Tech co-sponsor for the annual Constitution Project competition, a statewide contest in which students travel
    across the state and compete in areas related to the Constitution including law enforcement, court trials and the media.

    His students have been participating since 2014, and have earned numerous awards and student scholarships. In 2018, North Tech students received the following awards: Regional Championship; Student All-Star Team Selection; Fifth Amendment Best Overall Trial Attorney Award; Fourth Amendment Best Overall CSI Detective Award; and Best Overall CSI Team Award.

    Ronda Wallace, assistant principal at North Tech, said Hines’ wealth of knowledge and his excitement benefits students as he creates a fun and innovative learning environment. “Not only does he integrate continuous classroom improvement principles into his teaching practice, but he also has a classroom learning system that is completely driven by his students,” she said.

    “If your students believe that you actually care about them – not just being able to pass a test or a quiz – that you actually care about them – not only will they allow you to teach them, but some transformative things can actually happen in the life of the classroom,” said Hines.

    Last month, Hines was selected as one of SSD’s 10 Key to the Classroom Award winners. The Key to the Classroom Award honors SSD’s top teachers for their creative approaches to student learning, innovative programming and commitment to student success.

    Hines will represent SSD next year in the statewide competition for Missouri Regional Teacher of the Year, a program sponsored by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.