ECSE Family Channel

  • Welcome! ECSE Family Channel aims to provide evidence based strategies and information on a variety of parenting topics. These helpful videos, tips, visual supports, and articles or evidence based research interventions are meant to help boost the tools in a parent or guardians's toolbox. Caregivers have the opportunity to view individual topics at their own leisure in order to build capacity for all things related to Positive Behavior Supports.  

    Check back often as we will continue to add topics, videos, and information.

Trainings and Videos

  • Bowel Holding Video
  • Bowel Withholding Quick Guide Handout
  • Children's Literature Handout
  • Bowel Documentation Handout
  • Stop Challenging Behavior Video
  • Family Routine Guide Handout
  • Family Routine Based Support Guide Handout
  • Anxiety in Early Childhood Video
  • It's All About You Handout
  • Power Struggles Video
  • Offering Choices Handout
  • Calm Down Areas Video
  • Calm Down Choices Handout
  • Potty Training Video
  • Boys Bathroom Routine Visual Support
  • Girls Bathroom Routine Visual Support
  • Handwashing Visual Support
  • House Rules Video
  • House Rules Handout
  • Deep Breathing Video
  • Breathing Examples Handout
  • Safe Places Breathing Handout
  • Using Puppets to Teach Social Skills Video
  • Ways to Use Timers Video

Visual Supports

  • Visual Supports Video
  • These visual supports are available to print and use in the home. Visuals will be more durable if printed on thicker paper or cardstock.

  • Feelings Board Handout
  • Calming Ideas Handout
  • Morning Routine Visual Support
  • Evening Visual Support
  • First/Then Visual Support