SSD Salutes Staff, Community Members, Teacher of the Year

  • Erin Hemme, a teacher of the deaf at Ladue Early Childhood Center, earned the honor of 2021 SSD Teacher of the Year, topping a list of 37 award winners of the District’s annual SSD Salutes Awards.

    These awards honor SSD teachers, paraprofessionals, community members, and other District employees who stand out in their positions making a difference in the lives of SSD students, families, and staff.

    Hemme was one of 10 teachers selected for the Key to the Classroom Award, which honors teachers throughout the District. She was then chosen as the Teacher of the Year by an interview panel of administrators and teachers.

    “I am so passionate about teaching and about the District and about the students,” Hemme said. “And this is just such a nice recognition for all the hard work that we all do.”

    Along with the Key to the Classroom Award winners, the District named 10 Building Block Award winners and 11 Lasting Impression Award winners. The Building Block Award honors District paraprofessionals who stand out in their duties, while the Lasting Impression Award honors all other District employees (who aren’t teachers or paraprofessionals) who go above and beyond with their duties at SSD.

    Lastly, SSD issued six 2021 Special Ambassador Awards to community members and partner organizations that have worked with our students and staff. They rightly earned the highest honor given by the District for their extraordinary service.