• Public Review Committee (PRC)

    The Public Review Committee (PRC) conducts a thorough review of: structure, governance, administration, financial management, delivery of services, cooperation with component school districts, the District's role as an advocate for students with disabilities, and compliance regarding conflicts, and responsiveness to the needs and concerns of the citizens of Special School District.

Public Comments Procedures

  • In-Person Meetings

  • Virtual Meetings

Public Review Committee Files

PRC Committee Members

  • DESE Appointees

    • Dr. Ginny Bender
    • Dr. Andrew Stewart
    • Dr. Mary Ann Tietjens

    Governing Council Appointees

    • Larry Fleton
    • Kisha Lee
    • Dr. Sheila Powell-Walker

    Parent Advisory Council Appointees

    • Rob Eaton
    • Erica Williams
    • Dr. Camesha Carter