Inclement Weather/School Closing Procedures for SSD Schools/Programs

  • An SSD employee plowing snow during an inclement weather day. When inclement weather or other emergency situations occur, it may be necessary for Special School District to cancel or close schools early. In the event of inclement weather, the Superintendent will decide to close school based on several factors, including student safety, bus transportation, road conditions, and wind chill temperature. SSD reviews information from emergency management, meteorologists, and state highway administrators, and school personnel inspect the conditions of roads throughout the county, sidewalks, parking lots, and bus lanes. 


    Partner District Families and Staff

    SSD has students and staff in 22 partner districts across St. Louis County. Each district, including SSD, makes the best decision they can when considering the impact inclement weather is having on their area. SSD covers 50 square miles and conditions can differ dramatically from one corner of the county to another. There will be times when partner districts are in session, but SSD buildings and programs are not. We understand the challenges this may present for our families and staff, but please know that decisions are always based on ensuring the safety of all.

    SSD families with students in partner districts and staff who work in a partner district buildings should always refer to their partner district for guidance on inclement weather days.


    Snow Day School Closure

    The decision to cancel school in SSD buildings is taken very seriously. School closure decisions are made for the entire District, not specific areas, based on countywide conditions and weather forecasts to ensure the safety of all students, staff, and residents. This means closings may occur when conditions might not seem particularly bad in your immediate area. 

    When possible, the decision to close school is made the night before; however, inclement weather is often unpredictable, and a decision may be made in the morning. The District makes every attempt to reach a decision regarding the closing of school by 5:00 – 5:30 AM. Often, weather conditions change rapidly in the early morning hours which could cause a decision to be made later.

    If you feel conditions are unsafe and school is open, you have the option of not sending your student(s) to school. Students will receive an excused absence. Please report the absence to your student’s school. They will not be penalized academically, but are expected to make up all assignments.


    Virtual Learning

    In the past, when inclement weather made it unsafe to hold school, the District canceled school for a snow day. However, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) approved the option of AMI (Alternative Methods of Instruction) virtual learning day in lieu of a snow day school cancellation. 

    For the 2023-24 school year, SSD will utilize up to four traditional snow days which will not have to be made up because the time is already built into the calendar. If we have to cancel school for more than four days due to weather, starting on the fifth snow day, the District will implement AMI virtual learning. On an AMI virtual learning day, families will receive communication from the District, as well as specific instructions from the student’s teacher about the classwork/projects/activities that will need to be completed on that day. Implementing AMI virtual learning days gives us the opportunity to continue learning on inclement weather days. This will prevent, as much as possible, additional school days from being added to the end of the school year.


    Early Dismissal

    The District may dismiss early when winter weather arrives quickly and unexpectedly during the school day. For your student's safety, it is extremely important to make arrangements for someone to care for your student if they arrive home while you are at work. Make certain that your student knows where to go if no one is at home when they arrive.

Communicating School Closures

  • Timely communication with our District families is always a priority, but it is especially important in emergency school closing or early dismissal situations. If SSD schools are forced to close or dismiss early due to inclement weather or other factors (e.g., power outage, water main break), families will be notified in the following ways:

  • District Phone Call/Text/Email

    SSD utilizes SchoolMessenger mass notification system, which allows school administrators to notify all families and staff by phone, text, and email. It is imperative that your contact information is up to date with the school to ensure you receive timely notification. To update your contact information, contact your child’s school.

    To opt-in for text messages, text the word SUBSCRIBE to 67587.



    The District website and all school websites will be updated with a pop-up alert with emergency school closing information.