• Adult supporting student using assistive technology As Assistive Technology Facilitators, we collaborate with IEP teams to identify, implement, and integrate assistive technology tools and communication systems to reduce or eliminate barriers, promote safety and self-advocacy, improve educational outcomes, and help students demonstrate their knowledge and skills. We promote independence and achievement in students with special needs through the integration of assistive technology into their individualized education program.

    Benefits to Student Instruction

    • Bridges the gap between students and their academic environments  
    • Give students with disabilities access to the tools that their peers have been able to access with ease and breaks down barriers 
    • Gives students with disabilities the ability to learn new skills so they can succeed in the classroom setting 
    • Prepares students with disabilities for their future life in the digital world 
    • Removes any limitations that students may have when learning & allows teachers to follow the existing curriculum with adaptations that fit students’ needs 

    What is Assistive Technology? 

    Assistive technology refers to any product, device, or equipment, whether acquired commercially, modified or customized, that is used to maintain, increase or improve the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities. In other words, assistive technology tools are needed for the student to make progress on IEP goals.

    • Any tool or device that a student with a disability uses to do a task that he/she could not otherwise do without it
    • Any tool the student uses to do a task more easily, faster, or in a better way.
    • A no tech, low tech, or high tech item.
    • May be a partner district device or tool

    Assistive Technology services directly assist a team servicing a student with a disability in the selection, acquisition, or use of an Assistive Technology device.

    • Determining need
    • Acquiring the tool
    • Customizing /adapting/maintaining devices
    • Coordinating use
    • Training and technical support

    Computer Access provides supports for the curriculum.

    • Academics
    • Alternate access devices, apps, software, extensions

    Augmentative Communication provides supports for communication.

    Assistive technology is considered at every IEP and throughout the year. The IEP team might ask, “will the use of assistive technology increase th​e student’s progress in this IEP goal?”

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