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Special School District of St. Louis County

Why CCI?

Continuous Classroom Improvement Supports Student Success

At Oakville High School, SSD teacher Danielle Fox’s classroom walls are filled with charts, graphs, schedules and other tools — each tailored to a specific student or classroom task. Among the display of data are the classroom mission statement and goal, as well as a sign that says “did I meet my goal today?” Each day, students can move their names on the sign to show the progress they made that day.

From the Board of Education down to each classroom, everyone at SSD is guided by the principle of continuous improvement. This foundation takes root at the classroom level with teachers and students taking part in a process called Continuous Classroom Improvement (CCI).

What makes CCI unique is its combination of student involvement and data-based decision making. Students and teachers work together throughout the entire process to plan and monitor success in the classroom.

“At the beginning of the year we established a mission statement and our class goals,” Fox said.

The mission statement is student-written and covers expectations of what is needed to be successful and how to make it happen. The other data posted on the walls is student specific, and charts the progress of different classroom activities. Having the data visible in the classroom helps students monitor their own improvements.

Student involvement is a key component of CCI. “We talk about our jobs — how we do things right and do things wrong and how to fix them,” said Morgan, a student at Oakville.

Another primary building block of CCI is the Plan-Do-Study-Act process, or PDSA. This four-step process allows the student to map out his or her requirements and results, and analyze what is working well and what needs improvement. Using past evidence and data ensures objectivity in the learning process.

“When a problem does arise again, we can go right to the wall and go over it,” Fox said. “Students can look at how they did, and compare to the last time.” The PDSA approach and posting data helps reduce redundancies, as students and staff can easily reference past actions just by going to the data posted on the wall.

The charts, graphs and other data sources for each student allow the staff to key in on each student’s specific needs. Fox affirms that having so much data easily accessible has helped teachers and paraprofessionals in her classroom work toward improving each student’s scores and progress in the class.

With CCI featured in classrooms throughout the county, SSD’s commitment to the core value of continuous improvement is apparent.


Published April 2016

teacher demonstrating classroom continuous improvement

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