News From Guidance


Students have completed interest inventories and are now beginning to take a further look at their post-secondary options.  Students in Mrs. Newman’s class have started creating PowerPoint presentations that outline their post secondary desires.  Issac is researching jobs related to computer repair and computer sales, while Steven is focusing on what action steps he needs to take in order to reach his goal of being a chef.  It has been really exciting to watch the students take such an active role in the planning of their future.

Students in Mrs. Bartelt’s class and Mrs. Stumpf’s class have been honing their job skills by practicing work tasks in the job training room.  With the help of Mrs. Sosa and her knowledge of factory work, students are learning to work together and gain the skills needed for future employment.  In Mrs. Stumpf’s class Josh is proving to be a master of all assembly tasks, which give Wille and Tim the motivation to continue working and learning new tasks. These classes are really working hard to prepare for the world of work, and I am excited to work with them.

Students in the CAPP program will begin writing and updating their resumes this winter.


Nancy Richey