For three semesters the students who are attending the Neuwoehner class at Fontbonne have been running a Coffee Cart business on the Fontbonne campus.

     Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, two students sell hot chocolate, tea and coffee around the college campus.   The cart they push is stocked with freshly ground and brewed Costa Rican coffee, a variety of teas, hot chocolate and condiments. 

     Over the semesters,  the students have learned the names and drink orders of regular customers down to the number of sugar packets they prefer.  They are providing an appreciated service and make money in return.

     This semester some student in the class have moved off campus to gain more job experience in a local coffee shop.  Every Thursday one student walks 1.5 miles with his or her teacher to Kaldi’s Coffee House. 

     At Kaldi’s, the student spends the morning bussing tables, stocking and cleaning.  It is a very busy place so the student needs to pay attention to customers needs i.e. when to take dishes away or clean tables.  They need to observe social cues, use their manners and problem solve throughout the morning. 

     This job experience at Kaldi’s gives our students a taste of the popular coffee culture in our community.  It also gives them a chance to put their job skills into practice at a local business.  The customers and coffee house staff appreciate the service and our students enjoy the chance to work in the local community.






       Cheirleta & Sam serve coffee to the                     Cheirleta serves samples of

       Fontbonne bookstore staff.                                    Poppyseed bread at Kaldi’s




SSD teacher: Madeleine Grucza; Paraprofessional: Tracey McKinney