Fine Arts Friday

Fine Arts Friday is a collaborative planning project between Family and Consumer Science, Art, and Music Class that encourages students to explore new cultures through culinary, artistic, and musical endeavors.  Each Friday, the three classes gather together for a lesson on a specific culture.  On the final Friday of the month, the students host a party to celebrate what they have learned and share the experience with their teachers and administrators.

The first Friday of the month, students from Mrs. Breeding’s Music class led a West African drumming lesson using the skills they had learned in class.  Music was created in both a structured and improvised manner with a variety of African percussion instruments.  The music was then recorded and reviewed by all who took part in it. The room broke out in cheer, as the final beat was played in unison and the joy of teamwork was revealed.

On the second Friday, Mrs. Grelle’s F.A.C.S class set the stage with a delightful lesson in African cuisine.  Sweet potato salad, corn porridge, and chocolate covered bananas were all on the menu.  Each culinary creation was designated to a student from Mrs. Grelle’s class to teach to his or her peers.  Once all parts of the meal were prepared, the students and faculty sat down at beautifully decorated tables and enjoyed delicious food and lively conversation. 

The third Friday, was dedicated to Dan Broadfield’s Art class.  Mr. Broadfield taught a lesson on African name masks.  Each student created a mask using the letters of his or her name, in a symmetrical pattern, on drawing paper.  The masks were then transferred to large colorful paper and painted in bright colors to create a mural.  The mural served as a table decoration for the final Friday feast.

On the final Friday, students created music for their guests, displayed their artwork, and then enjoyed a meal of curried beef and beans over rice with pineapple mango fruit salad.  Visitors came by to enjoy the food, art, and music of the Fine Arts Friday group.  Among our honored guests were Dr. Joan Zavitsky, Jana Wakeman, and John Miller.