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Parent Organization

The Southview Parent-Teacher Organization is comprised of parents and staff and we encourage parents to get involved. The main functions of the group are to develop parent support and programs, assist in student activities and conduct fundraising activities to support the students and families at Southview. For more information on volunteering, contact Sherry Skarstad at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Parent Support

Students are most successful when school and home work together to create an environment where learning can take place. You can support your child’s education by doing the following:

  • IEP Participation: One of the most important activities concerning your child is the Individualized Education Program (IEP) process. The IEP is the written document that describes your child’s education program that is developed annually during an IEP meeting. This is the time to share your ideas and your concern’s about your child’s education.

  • School Hours: Our school hours are 9 a.m. – 3:35 p.m. Professional development activities take place before school. Please drop your child off no earlier than 8:45 a.m. Students must be picked up by 3:35 p.m. or they will be sent home on their regular bus.

  • Communication: Communication is the key to student success. It is important to communicate regularly with your child’s teacher. Please keep us informed of changes in address and phone numbers. Your child’s teacher will provide you with his/her contact information. Please contact building administrators if you need additional support. We are requesting your e-mail address to alert students and parents/guardians of updates and notification of school events.

  • Social Work Services: Social work services are provided as outlined by the student’s IEP. Crisis intervention is available for children and their families. Our social workers are able to coordinate the efforts of all agencies involved with a student. They also coordinate care-team meetings. Please notify your child’s social worker of changes with outside providers or extenuating circumstances within the home. Please sign releases when needed for exchange of information.

  • Family and Community Resource Center: Special School District has established a resource center for parents and community members at the district’s central office. The center contains books, videos, newsletters, etc. on every disability and disability-related area.

  • Student Progress: Student progress is documented through instructional data and is collected at pre-determined intervals. Progress reports are sent home on a quarterly basis. Please sign and return all paperwork that requires a parent/guardian signature.

  • Visitor/Observation Procedures: Parents/guardians are always welcome at Southview School. Please call 48 hours in advance to schedule an appointment to discuss your child’s progress with the teacher and/or administrator. Sign in at the office upon arrival. A classroom observation can be arranged with the administrators with 48 hours notice. We ask that visits be limited to no more than once a month to minimize distractions and focus of our students.

  • Safety/Security: It is very important for security reasons that you come to the office when dropping off or picking up your child. Please sign your child in and out at the office and ensure that your child is in a staff person’s custody before leaving.

  • Reporting Absences: If your child is not going to be attending school, please call school by 7:30 a.m. or before school begins. This will enable us to inform the teacher before school starts. Once students are in the classrooms, attendance is taken and sent to the office. If your child is not at school and we have not heard from you, we will call to verify that the child is at home. It is important to make sure the school has the most recent emergency contact numbers.

  • Early Dismissal: If a child will be leaving early during the day, a written and signed permission note from the parent is needed. Please note the time your child will be picked up. Parents should report to the office, sign out their child and the secretary will call the classroom. If a relative or friend will be picking up the child, the school must have signed parent permission. Proper identification is required before signing out a child.

  • School Closing: Inclement weather, such as high heat index, snowstorms, or excessively low temperatures/wind chill, that poses a threat to the safety of the students may result in the closing of school. When Southview School will be closed for the day, announcements are made on the radio and television. The district will announce this as soon as possible. The SSD Information Line is 989.8450. This hotline will provide school closure information as well. The School Reach automated phone system will attempt to call current emergency contact numbers.

  • Emergency School Closing during the School Day: Occasionally, dangerous weather or building conditions occur during the school day and school must be dismissed early. If school is dismissed early, an announcement will be made on television and radio. To ensure the safety of your child, please develop an emergency back-up plan for situations like this. Again please keep school informed of any address or phone number changes. The School Reach automated phone system will attempt to call current emergency contact numbers.

  • PTO/PAC/PTC: Your input is very important to your child’ school. Please consider getting involved in the Parent-Teacher Organization or the Parent Advisory Council. You may also be able to help in other ways by serving on committees and offering input.

  • Parent/School Learning Agreement: Southview School has developed a Parent Involvement Plan and a Parent-School Compact (PDF) to give parents the opportunity to become active participants in their child’s education. Please read the plan and return the signed Parent-School Learning Agreement to school.

Partners for Success

The Partners for Success booklet was designed to assist in the creation of authentic, meaningful, and effective partnerships between families and school staff members in order to support the success of their student. Research on effective schools shows a strong relationship between parent and family engagement and student achievement. The goal of SSD’s Partners for Success is to promote, facilitate, and enhance parent, student, and community collaboration in order to meet the needs of all students.

Educating Missouri's Homeless Children

The McKinney-Vento Act guarantees homeless children and youth an education equal to what they would receive if not homeless. Resources are available for children and youth who are homeless. Click here for details.

Daily Learning Planner

Daily Learning Planner is a monthly activity planner with a new home learning suggestion for every day of the month. Most of the activities are free, easy to do, and will help your child acquire new skills.

Helping Children Learn and Helping Students Learn

Helping Children Learn and Helping Students Learn are two-page family newsletters packed with proven, ready-to-use school success ideas.

Family Cultural Activities

Click here for a list of free (or nearly free) places to visit in the St. Louis area.

Family Video Series

Looking for resources to use at home to help your child learn? SSD has a great video series for families looking to do just that. From selecting “just right” books to mastering fractions, these videos make learning fun.

Click here to view the entire collection.