About the Augmentative Communication Department

  • The Augmentative Communication department provides the collaborative support necessary to identify, implement, and integrate communication systems by increasing self-expression to promote safety, self- advocacy and independence in the educational setting. A primary objective of the department is to improve development of communication skills to increase academic achievement, social-communication and positive post-secondary outcomes.

    Benefits to Student Instruction

    • Improves language development 
    • Augments communication and can improve oral speech of AAC users 
    • Increases quality of work, school, and life, in general 
    • Proven to have positive impact on both language development and speech development 
    • Positive outcomes for language development and literacy 
    • Supports self expression in social situations  
    • AAC users can increase developmental skills such as vocabulary, length of sentence, syntax, and pragmatic skills  
    • Department provides continual development and responsibility for district wide training on software, implementation, and assistive technology through the SETT framework (joyzabala.com) and consultations to support students in meeting IEP goals/objectives. 

Key Contacts