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Café Cooks Up Flavor-Filled Competition

Nov. 6, 2020 – It has been a busy week of vote counting—and Northview High School is no exception. The Eagle Way Café held a competition on ThursdayStudents watch hamburgers cook on the grill via Zoom.  to determine what seasoning will be used on its popular burger sliders this year.

“So today, we mixed up about 30lbs of beef with three different seasonings,” Eagle Way Café Job Coach Sarah Weinman said. “The customers got three "sliders" and fries with their order, and each slider had a different seasoning marked with a colored toothpick. Once the customers decided which burger seasoning was their favorite, they put the colored toothpick in a jar,” she added.

The grill and the competition for top seasoning were hot, but this was also an opportunity for students learning at a distance to get back into the kitchen, virtually.

Teachers set up laptops around the room for students to see all aspects of the Cafe.  “During the live session today, we had four cameras on each of the four Café employees,” Weinman said. “We wanted to simulate a busy day in the Café from clock-in to clock-out, so the kids could see the importance of teamwork, communication and stamina.”

The students also had the opportunity to greet customers via Zoom and practice their customer service skills.

“Not only was it fun to see our kids interact with their customers, it made the activity more meaningful in real time,” Weinman said.

For the teachers, this was an opportunity for students to demonstrate what they’ve been working on so far this school year.

Staff work the Cafe and explain to students what they're doing along the way.  “We've spent a lot of time these past few months working on both soft skills and hard skills required to work in the Café, and today was their first chance to see it come together,” Weinman said.

In the end, the winning seasoning is “Gourmet Burger,” but the teachers seem to think the staff and students are the real winners of the competition.