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Northview Students Honored at Character Award Assembly

Northview students stand on stage with Mark Sharp, holding up their certificates.

February 1, 2023 - During a school wide assembly held at Northview High School, 12 students were presented with Student of Character certificates by Mark Sharp, assistant principal. Students are selected and recognized each quarter for a character award by demonstrating the school's expectations of best effort, responsibility, and respect. 

“We want to take the time to honor those students and show them off and hopefully motivate other students to show strong character,” said Sharp. 

Some of the recipients include: 

  • Antonio Green 
  • Dailon Costello
  • Devin Dixon
  • Jamel Jones
  • Jonathan Kindell
  • Jordan Rogers
  • Jourden Hopkins
  • Jude Aydt
  • Makilen Perry
  • Olivia Owens
  • Sorah Wince

Some students' names were not shared due to FERPA guidelines. 

Students are nominated by case managers. They submit a nomination form to Sharp that includes a description of a student's progress. There is no limit to the number of awards that are presented. Sharp says anyone who is deserving is considered. Teacher Carol Hoffman nominated one of her students, Devin Dixon. 

“Devin has learned a variety of job skills while working at the renaissance hotel and he helps other students too and is patient,” said Huffman. “It’s wonderful to see.”

Sharp commended all of the students for exceeding expectations and for having goals that they are working towards. Some students have shown improved behavior, are progressing towards returning to school in their district, and are preparing for college.