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UNO Bowl Creates Friendly Competition Among Students

 A student and staff member at Northview play Uno together.

Feb. 14, 2023 - Nearly 80 students at Northview High School put on their game faces to compete in the second annual UNO Bowl. Coordinated by coaches Mike Laspe and Anthony Forneris, the game is hosted around the same time as the NFL superbowl. The rules of the competition are simple: Students must follow the classic game of UNO and the goal is to have the least amount of points possible. And no doubles!

“It’s important for our students to be able to interact with each other with fun activities,” said Lapse. “Students really get into the competition and we can see a different side of most of them. We do talk about sportsmanship and fair play before the event. That is another good lesson for our students to learn. It is also great to get students together of all different abilities.”

The starting group of 80 was narrowed down to 12, which included student Anastasia Terry. She doesn’t consider herself to be a competitive player, but enjoys the thrill of playing alongside her classmates. 

“I like UNO. This is my first time being in the finals and it’s a lot of fun,” said Terry. 

Six students made it to the final championship game. Malaika Fant came out victorious and in return was treated to a nacho bar. Teacher Katie Burries loves that the game is becoming an annual Northview tradition and says staff enjoy it just as much as students. 

“Everyone is included, which is a big deal,” said Burris. “The students have a good time and there’s even some math that goes along with it, which I like. Everyone did amazing and we’re proud of all the players.”