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Northview Students Compete in Uno Bowl

 Northview students and staff play Uno against each other. February 14, 2024 - Northview School physical education coaches Anthony Forneris and Michael Laspe hosted an all-school UNO Super Bowl Championship for students. It’s a tradition that takes place every year and coincides with the National Football League’s (NFL) championship game. Groups of five to six students compete against each other in this schoolwide tournament, playing rounds of the classic card game UNO. Students are slowly reduced, with the final four students playing against each other for the final game and UNO Super Bowl Champion title.

“I’ve been playing Uno since I was a kid and the game has gone pretty good so far,” said Olivia Owens, 10th-grader. “I’ve never made it to the finals, but I hope to this time.” 

Students play a traditional game of Uno and whoever has the lowest score is crowned the champion. Varreona Douglass is a new teacher at Northview and she says she is proud of the  students for showing good sportsmanship despite some not moving forward to the next round. 

Along with that, she believes it’s a great way for students to build social skills. 

“They work as a team by practicing together before the tournament to get familiar with the rules,” said Douglass. “They also learn how to count their cards and tally up their score, which they all do at the end of the game. It’s an enjoyable way to keep students engaged in the school community while learning.” 

In the end, Kameron Kirksey, 9th-grader, won first place. The next all-school event is the Northview play, which takes place March 7 and 8.