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Lyles Selected as Chief Human Resources Officer

April 25, 2024 - The SSD Board of Education has approved Dr. Catina Lyles as the new Chief Human Resources Officer, effective July 1. Lyles currently serves SSD as the Director of Special Education in the Ladue School District. 

"I am truly excited for this transition into the Chief Human Resources Officer position. As I step into this new role, I am deeply committed to fostering partnerships both within and outside our organization,” said Lyles. “I believe that by honoring our staff and embracing our partnerships with dignity, we can create environments where everyone can thrive - an environment where our students see their potential. By working together, we can ensure our workplace reflects our core values of commitment, collaboration, and equity - ensuring that every member of our community has the support they need to succeed."

Lyles' focus is on taking care of staff so they can take care of kids, a philosophy deeply embedded in her approach to leadership. Throughout her career, Lyles has demonstrated a passionate commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, aligning perfectly with SSD's core values. As director of special education in Ladue School District, she spearheaded initiatives to attract, develop, and retain diverse talent, emphasizing the importance of creating environments where teams can thrive. Her leadership in fostering a positive culture, implementing performance-based evaluation systems, and collaborating to promote diversity and belonging reflects her dedication to supporting staff and student success. Lyles has a proven track record of making critical decisions during challenges, developing long-term planning strategies, and effectively communicating organizational goals to various stakeholders.

“With an impressive background in leadership, education, and fostering inclusive environments, Dr. Lyles will bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our district leadership team,” said SSD Superintendent Dr. Michael Maclin. “I am confident that she will drive meaningful change and continue cultivating a culture where every member of our community can thrive."

Before her role in Ladue, Lyles held key leadership positions in the Lindbergh, Webster Groves, Maplewood-Richmond Heights, and Ferguson-Florissant school districts, where she played instrumental roles in program evaluation, budget administration, and fostering relationships with diverse constituencies. She also served on several cross-functional committees responsible for assessing, developing, and modifying district policy and procedures for Special School District of St. Louis County and in partner districts.

In addition to her leadership experience, Lyles brings a rich educational background, holding a Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership and Education Specialist degree from Saint Louis University, along with a Master of Arts in Teaching from Webster University and a Bachelor of Arts in Special Education from Saint Louis University.