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Students Main Event at Talent Show

Northview students dance on stage.

May 20, 2024 - “It’s one big party where students can all shine and show off their skills,” said Mackenzie Brady, Northview teacher, when describing Northview’s Talent Show. “Some students choose to dress up, which always adds fun.”

Northview invites the entire student body to participate in its annual Talent Show every year. The event allows students to perform in front of a big crowd and be the main event. Over 20 students participated this year, showing off their singing, dancing, and instrumental skills. 

“The drum solo was my all-time favorite,” said Polina Marchenk, junior. “I thought it was really good and pretty cool.” 

Some students rocked out to music by One Direction, while others serenaded the audience with gospel music. 

“I love seeing the students' faces when everyone is clapping for them,” added Brady. “The crowd is always super positive and really gets into the show. Students learn that everyone has talents no matter how big or small they may seem.”

Students have been preparing for the show for months, practicing in their classrooms in front of their teachers. Despite some students getting butterflies before the show, everyone overcame their fears. 

“This can be hard for some students, so it’s awesome to help them become comfortable with themselves. We plan to keep having it, and I am so excited to see all the new talents next year.”