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Arts in the Classroom Brought to Neuwoehner

Arts in the Classroom Brought to Neuwoehner

February 20, 2024 - The Black Rep, a performing arts theater that provides platforms for theater, dance, and other creative expressions from the American-American perspective, performed at Neuwoehner School thanks to the Arts in the Classroom initiative led by the Special Education Foundation (SEF).

"SEF is pleased to be able to bring performances like The Black Rep to students who may not have the opportunity or access to experience live theater and music,” said Tim Eby, SEF executive director. “Our Arts in the Classroom initiative is designed to bring experiences that can change a student’s perspective on the world, bringing joy and positivity as part of their school day."

The Black Rep performed “When The Rattlesnake Sounds,” a stage play by Alice Childress. The story follows Harriet Tubman, an American abolitionist, who discusses with her friends Celia and Lennie how they will escape slavery to freedom using the underground railroad. 

“It was a good exposure for my students,” said Amanda Cernich, special education teacher. “They really enjoyed it and the story was enlightening.”

Following the performance, 12th-graders Logan Deskins and Gideon Greene discussed the storyline with their classmates. Both students thoroughly enjoyed the singing and agree that Harriet was a great leader. 

“She helped a lot of people,” said Green. “She was a great general.” 

SEF will be sponsoring more events at SSD Schools this spring, including a performance by The Imaginary Theatre Company at Litzsinger and the Saint Louis Symphony at Orchestra at Southview.