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Southview Celebrates International Dot Day

September 16, 2022 - The hallways of Southview School were filled withSouthview student holds up drawing that he created for International Dot Day. colors of the rainbow as students and staff celebrated International Dot Day on September 15. The global holiday is based on the book “The Dot,” by Peter H. Reynolds. The book encourages students to showcase their creativity and be courageous and collaborative. The main character, a student, is hesitant to embrace her artistry. However, she is inspired by her teacher to make her mark, which begins with a simple dot on a piece of paper. By the end of the book, the character lets her creativity flourish and helps her classmates do the same. 

"It’s a lot like Southview,” said school counselor and coordinator of the celebration, Maegan Gunn. “We have a lot of creative students who work together really well. Even when it’s hard to make it through the day, they encourage each other to keep going.” 

As part of the celebration, students and staff wore colorful circles, polka dots, and spots. They also created polka dot themed posters with encouraging messages that read “I bet you can” and “Make your mark.” 

“It’s really about creating awareness and recognizing how unique our students are,” said Gunn. “They are getting a chance to show their creativity and express their dots in a different way.” 

The book was read in each class, which was followed by a discussion. Students talked about how the story made them feel and brainstormed whether they also had the courage to try something new. Everyone also had the opportunity to make polka-dot coffee filters, picture frames, dot rainbows, and play Twister. 

To listen to a read aloud version of the book, please click here