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Welcome Back, Students!

welcome back sign Nov. 9, 2020 – SSD’s special education schools and programs have officially resumed in-person learning. On Monday, Nov. 9, students placed in Group A returned to school for the first time in the 2020-2021 school year. There were a lot of smiling faces at each of SSD’s special education schools.

“It has been a long eight months for all of us and I am so glad to see all of you,” said SSD Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Keenan.

At Ackerman School, students hustled off the bus and you could see their smiles through their masks.

“Seeing the smiles on every student’s face and their excitement to get back to learning in person as they entered the building was truly amazing,” said Ackerman School Assistant Principal Jody Romeo. “We can’t wait to see our second group of students on November 12.”

students sitting at table working with teacher At Southview School, it was the first chance for Dr. Joy Doyle, the school's new assistant principal, to meet students face-to-face.

“Our staff and students are just elated to see each other this morning,” said Dr. Doyle. “Coming together to learn; now this is why schools are built!” 

Students in Group A will attend school on Mondays and Tuesdays, while Group B will return for its first in-person learning day on Thursday, Nov. 12. At the same time, a number of students and families have opted to continue 100% distance learning.

“We look forward to welcoming students in Group B to school on Thursday, and we know that our teachers and students learning at a distance are continuing to make progress this school year,” said Dr. Keenan.

student and teacher next to bus Dr. Keenan also took a moment to acknowledge all of the hard work that went into preparing for students to return to schools.

“Thank you to the families and staff who have worked so hard for students to return to in-person learning and we look forward to a great first week of school in our buildings,” she said.

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