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North Tech Dedicates Day to Health and Wellness

December 10, 2021 - On Dec. 10, North Tech High School dedicated an entire day to self-Students visit booths and speak with representatives at North Care Self-Care Day. care, educating students and staff about mental and physical health and resources in the local area. Throughout the day, groups of students rotated to different sessions that incorporated presentations and activities focused on healthy eating habits, online safety, relationships, yoga, conflict resolution, substance abuse, and law enforcement.  

“Our goal is to provide all of our students an opportunity to have face to face access to mental health and supportive resources and organizations,” said School Social Worker Krista Sherman. “When people feel good, positive, healthy, stable, calm, and focused, they will learn better and perform better at work and school.

Sherman says that the day was prompted by seeing an increase in students reporting feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed out. Junior Jordan Williams says that she hasn’t struggled with mental health but knows people who have.

“It’s sad and it’s scary,” said Williams.

Junior Ebonee Taylor says that schools should care about the well-being of students, and she was supportive of North Tech having a day revolving around mental and physical health.

“There are people willing to help you. You just have to reach out your hand and ask for help,”  said Taylor.

North Tech Assistant Principal Kevin Edson said that the day was the perfect opportunity for students to reset their nervous system, get out of fight-or-flight mode, and take a break from the everyday stress of tests, deadlines, and social pressure. The main goal was to make sure that students know what support and help is available to them. 

“With everything going on right now with the pandemic, mental health care is definitely needed,” said Electrical Trades Instructor George Merritt.

Sophomore students Jaylen Clark, Jalen Smith, and Jalen Brooks have all dealt with stress over the past year. They say that the self-care day was a good way to take their mind off all the work they have to do, and they also learned about solutions to personal struggles that they will implement in their own life.

“I’ve learned that sometimes, you just have to be able to let things go,” said Brooks. “It’s just some things you can’t handle. You just have to let it be. Things that you can control, you try to control it to the best of your abilities. But the things that you can’t, just let it go.”

Organizations who attended include Youth in Need, Saint Louis Counseling, Preferred Family Healthcare, Behavioral Health Response, Legal Services of Eastern Missouri, and The SPOT at Washington University.