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Welding Instructor Brings the Shop to the Virtual Classroom

teacher in welding shop Nov. 17, 2020 – South Tech Welding Instructor Jim Sheppard knows that students and families are concerned about missing valuable hands-on learning opportunities this fall. That’s why he’s using every tool in his toolbox to ensure students are ready to hit the ground running.

Sheppard is making customized videos to introduce equipment and safety protocols for students. It is one way he’s ensuring students are getting the same learning opportunities online that they would in person.

“Everything we’re doing right now, students would be doing here in the classroom. We’re doing as much of this bookwork as we can, now.”

In addition to his tutorial videos, Sheppard has students focusing on completing safety certifications, like the SP/2 certification.

“The SP/2 certification is based on welding,” Sheppard said. “It’s not for general construction; It was designed for welding.”

Even if students were attending class in the building, they would still be completing these certifications online.

“This is an online program, so even if they were here, they would be doing that online,” Sheppard said. “They’re getting really close to finishing that, so our goal is to have that done before they show up in person.”

While this is not the ideal start to school year that students, families or teachers would want, teachers at South Tech say they are making sure their students are ready when the doors open again this year.