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Graphic Design Students Use Their Talents

Students in the graphic design program with Fred Bird.  Our Graphic Design students have been incredibly busy as they channeled their creative energy into a worthy cause. For the seventh year in a row, South Tech’s graphic design students have created, produced and distributed all of the signage for the Dan McLaughlin Golf Tournament, an annual event hosted by the Special Education Foundation to benefit children with disabilities.

The tournament requires a variety of sign products to ensure consistent communication with participants. Vinyl signs, displayed along the golf course, were made to honor individuals and businesses who donated to the tournament. Corporate Sponsors were honored with 2′ x 3′ posters which were mounted on Fome-Board and allowed students to work with a variety of logos. Students also made seven signs to send the golfers to the course. letting the golfers know — “We Thank Our Lucky Stars For Your Support”. Banners celebrating donations for “Kids to Camp Sponsors were also made by our students.

Several students participated in the project, but Samatha Adams-Affton, Chloe Daughtry-Affton, and Catherine Taylor-Kirkwood students also attended and helped set up signage. While there, they met South Tech Graphic Design Alumni, Ron Baechle, the “TowelMan” for the St. Louis Blues and received assistance from Fred Bird when setting up some of the signs.

Students are always excited to be able to use the real world skills they learn in this program. It helps them gain a better understanding of what they have learned in the classroom and see the impact their work can have within our community. To learn more about the Graphic Design program, visit our Graphic Design program page.

Francine Davis