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Spire Host Demonstration for South Tech Students

November 3, 2021 - Instead ofSenior South Tech Students listen to spire demonstration and dig holes. spending the afternoon in a classroom setting, senior HVAC program students at South Tech High School received hands-on excavation training from Spire employees during an outdoor demonstration on Tuesday. For two hours, students learned about techniques that Spire uses every day in the field to dig up existing gas mains and install new gas services.

The demonstration was part of Spire’s InSpire program, in which leaders from their Human Resources, Construction and Maintenance, and Service and Installation departments work North and South Tech to introduce them to and prepare students for potential employment at Spire. Both of SSD’s Technical High Schools have partnered with Spire for nearly 10 years.

 “One of the great things is that it gets students out here to actually see what Spire does,” said HVAC Instructor Nick Beck. “We all have this preconceived notion of the gas company, or any other position in the trades, and having these demonstrations gets to show them what they can do while they are out in the field, and potentially if they get hired, what they will be doing.”

 Among the group of gas workers was South Tech alum Matthew Niethe. Niethe graduated in 1993 and has been working for Spire for 10 years. “It’s pretty neat coming back. Just to teach them what I’ve learned.” Niethe went to school for auto body and says that the hands-on experience that South Tech offers is extremely beneficial.

 Following the demonstration, students had the opportunity to use some of the equipment.  Spire pros operate daily to perform an excavation of their own. 

“It was really enjoyable. I thought it was all very insightful to see how this is actually done,” said senior Kade Better. Following graduation, Better hopes to be hired by Spire. He felt it was great to get some training up close and personal. “I’m a very hands-on person. This is the type of stuff I enjoy. I don’t want to be sitting at a desk all day. I want to be on site learning, and this is something that I can do.”

 For more information about South Tech, attend the Virtual Open House on November 4. Applications are currently being reviewed for August 2022 and can be submitted here