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Spire Holds Demonstration for South Tech Students

Students watch Spire presentation.

Dec. 6, 2022 - Representatives from Spire Energy visited South Tech in early December to show electrical trades, construction trades, and HVAC students what an average workday looks like in the field. Staff set up all their equipment on the old soccer field and demonstrated how a service is installed. 

“We’re showing them how we send gas from the main line to a new home using a bore machine, said Nicole Russell, Spire construction supervisor. 

North and South Tech High Schools have been partnering with Spire for over a decade. Six visits are held throughout the school year to allow students to see what career opportunities are available to them.

“It’s cool to see the work they do because I was unfamiliar,” said South Tech senior Rory Long. “I really like doing stuff with my hands, so this is the type of career I would enjoy as opposed to a desk job.”

Students are encouraged to apply for a labor four position once they turn 18 years old, have a valid driver's license, and have one year's worth of work experience. Nick Beck, South Tech HVAC instructor, says the skills students learn in class make them qualified for the job. 

“Spire has been really great about coming out and showing our students exactly what they do,” said Beck. “In class, students are learning all about natural gas, how to thread gas lines, install gas pipes and furnaces. We’re preparing them to work at companies like Spire.” 

Alumni Jon Mayfield and Chris Givens were present at the demonstration. Mayfield graduated from South Tech in 2010 and currently works at Spire as a gas worker. 

“I wanted to drop out my junior year of high school and my counselor at my home school suggested I check out the South Tech program,” said Mayfield. “That turned everything around. It was an overall better experience. I’ve been working at Spire for five years and my dad did it for 37 years. It’s something I really enjoy.” 

Givens graduated from North Tech in 2013 and is a Spire north region administrator. Getting to see recurring demonstrations by utility companies like Spire is what inspired Givens to turn his interest into a career. 

“At the time, Spire was called Laclede Gas,” said Givens. “They came out, gave us information, helped us put together our resume, and practiced interviews. It definitely helped me in the long run.” 

In the spring, students will go on several field trips to explore Spire’s facilities and have a mock interview day.