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North and South Technical High Schools Champion Career and Technical Education Month®

Feb. 1, 2024 - As February unfolds, organizations nationwide are gearing up to celebrate National Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month®, a spirited campaign designed to heighten public awareness among educators, families, students, policymakers, and employers about CTE's intrinsic value and vast potential.

At North and South Tech High Schools, our steadfast mission is to furnish top-tier, relevant career and technical instruction that not only equips but inspires every student to flourish in college and high-demand career pathways.

Our programs span diverse career trajectories, encompassing vital fields such as medical, information technology, advanced manufacturing, transportation, public safety, and human services. Within these programs lie abundant certification, licensure, and college credit opportunities, each intertwined with real-world experiences and skills acquisition.

The essence of CTE lies in its provision of tangible avenues for students to navigate toward college pursuits and fulfilling careers while broadening their post-graduation horizons. Through a multifaceted approach encompassing classroom learning, field experiences, internships, mentorship from business and industry partners, and participation in regional and national competitions, CTE fosters a deep-rooted understanding of the "why" behind each student's high school journey.

Critical data from Advance CTE underscores the satisfaction among students and families engaged in CTE programs, with a staggering threefold increase in reported contentment regarding the opportunity to acquire real-world skills. This satisfaction serves as a testament to CTE's pivotal role in empowering students to discern their passions and career inclinations well before embarking on their collegiate endeavors, which streamlines post-secondary education investments for families.

In addressing the persistent skills gap lamented by employers across various high-demand, high-skill sectors, CTE helps bridge these divides by furnishing a steady stream of graduates armed with sought-after certifications, credentials, and invaluable soft skills. North and South Tech High Schools stand as prime examples of this symbiotic relationship between education and industry, as regional employers continue to forge robust partnerships with the schools and nurture our students' talents to meet the demands of tomorrow's workforce.

Throughout February, North and South Tech High Schools will showcase program videos and CTE facts on their Facebook and Instagram pages (@ThisIsNorthTech and @ThisIsSouthTech). Please join us in spreading the word about the significance of CTE by engaging with and sharing our posts. Together, let's amplify the impact of career and technical education.