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Neuwoehner’s Champions of Character Celebrate During Cardinals Game

FredBird hugs a Neuwoehner staff member while on the field. The Arch is in the background October 7, 2021 - Neuwoehner students and staff were welcomed into Busch Stadium to celebrate their status as Champions of Character. Neuwoehner was recognized for its commitment to having every student participate in a service learning project during each school year. Classroom instructional time is dedicated to working on the projects, and students report feeling more confident in their skills and capable of serving their community as a result of this focus. 

Receiving recognition as a Champion of Character celebrates the service learning that students and staff take part in each year at Neuwoehner,” said Neuwoehner Principal Kim Fine. “Service learning extends traditional community service by linking the service to academic and social learning. Service learning promotes growth in academic standards as well as important character traits such as citizenship and responsibility. We are proud of Neuwoehner’s commitment to incorporate service learning into our instruction.”

Cardinals Care has sponsored the Champions for Character Service Learning recognition program in cooperation with CharacterPlus since 2004. The program goal is to increase awareness of the benefits of service learning, and encourage schools to move from one-time service projects to long-term, school-wide service learning. The recognition program honors schools in the metro area that have a school-wide ethos of service learning. The school's service learning must be infused in the curriculum and include student voice and reflection.

“CharacterPlus and Cardinals Care were pleased to recognize Hiram Neuwoehner High School as one of three 2020 Champions for Character recipients,” said Nicole Diehl, CharacterPlus Way director. “Champions for Character demonstrate excellence in their integration of their curriculum and student leadership into authentic service within the school and in the community.”

A Cardinals Care grant funds the program, which is run by CharacterPlus.

A parent and her two Neuwoehner students smile for the camera while in the stands at the game. The field is in the backgroundA Neuwoehner student smiles while holding a baseball and baseball glove.Two Neuwoehner staff members hold a banner recognizing the school for being a 2020 Champions for Character winner.