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$3,000 Awarded to Ackerman Music Teacher

July 5, 2022 - Ackerman Music Teacher$3,000 Awarded to Ackerman Music Teacher Stephanie Jones has been awarded the Music Education Outreach Grant in the amount of $3,000 from Sigma Alpha Iota Philanthropies (SAI). 

“This is the largest grant amount I’ve ever applied for,” said Jones. “I felt so proud of my program and my co-workers who helped make it a success.”

The grant, presented by the international women's fraternity, assists music programs in public schools at grade levels K-12. To be eligible, applicants must be a member of the organization. Jones pledged in 2007, while in college. 

“As a member of SAI, I saw the Music Education Outreach Grant as an opportunity to get some funding for my program while promoting an organization that does so much to support the art of music,” said Jones. “I was hoping that the organization's strong commitment to music education, along with the unique nature of my music program, would increase my chances of winning the grant. I have also been given awards for commitment and service to the organization. Even after all that, I was still nervous when applying, so I was very surprised when I opened the email.”  

The $3,000 will be used for the production of the Ackerman Winter Program. The show consists of a play and live music. Jones needs instruments, costumes, props and set pieces, and DVDs to record the show. 

“We record our show every year and I make disks with the recording for the school's archives, my archives, and for any classrooms who wish to have a copy,” said Jones. “I would also like to make updates to our school's sound equipment and the piping that our backdrop hangs on.”

Jones' goal as a music teacher is to provide opportunities to her students that they would otherwise not have. She says special areas like music are vital to classroom teachers who are delivering core content.