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2022-23 COVID-19 Safe Return to In-Person Learning Plan - Updated Masking and Mitigation Measures

July 27, 2022 - Hello SSD Families and Staff,

The 2022-23 school year is right around the corner, and we wanted to provide you with an update on Special School District’s COVID-19 mitigation measures. SSD continues to adjust our COVID procedures and mitigation measures to ensure we are following established guidelines and best practices, allowing us to have in-person learning.

With the increased availability of personal protective equipment (PPE), access to vaccinations and boosters for all students and staff, the removal of St. Louis County’s mask mandate, and the recent court ruling regarding health mandates and quarantines in Missouri schools, we are updating our health and safety practices. At the July 26 meeting, SSD’s Board of Education approved the 2022-23 COVID-19 Safe Return to In-Person Learning Plan, which changes masking to optional for all SSD schools, sites, programs, and buildings. Students, families, staff, and visitors are welcome to wear masks if they choose. 

In an effort to keep our students and staff healthy and avoid disruptions to learning, the following safety measures are in place based on current recommendations and local health conditions: 

  • Masking: Optional masking for students, staff, and visitors.

  • PPE: Access to face masks and other necessary PPE for students and staff.

  • Cleaning: Established cleaning protocols will continue to be followed. 

  • Hand Hygiene: Encouraging proper hand washing techniques for students, staff, and visitors.

  • Respiratory Etiquette: Staff will teach and encourage students to cover coughs with their elbow and sneezes with a tissue.

  • Hand Sanitizer: Students and staff will have access to hand sanitizer in classrooms and common spaces.

  • Social Distancing: To the extent possible, students and staff will social distance.

  • Self-Assessment: Students, staff, and visitors will self-assess for COVID symptoms before coming to school or work. If symptoms are present, they will stay home.

  • Contact Tracing and Quarantine: If there are high levels of community transmission, the superintendent could institute contact tracing and quarantines on a short-term basis. 

SSD staff in partner districts and other locations should continue to follow the guidelines established by that district and location. Students in the VSP, CBVI, or other offsite programs will follow the guidelines of their site or location.

We highly encourage vaccination for all students and staff. While a COVID-19 vaccination is not required to attend public school or work in Missouri, it can protect you, your child, and others at school. For information on convenient access to vaccination in our area,

Thank you for your continued effort in helping to keep our community safe and healthy.



Elizabeth Keenan,

Ph.D. Superintendent