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Ritenour Teacher Creates Core Board for Staff and Students

September 15, 2022 - Kari Lane is a speech language pathologist (SLP) atKari Lane smiles in front of core board she created. Ritenour School for Early Childhood Education. 

“It is truly a rewarding and fulfilling job,” said Lane. “It allows me to help children and watch them grow and work toward their potential. Walking into the classroom each morning and seeing my students is truly the best part of my day.”  

As an SLP, Lane plays an important role in helping children who have a variety of speech and language delays develop communication strategies. She currently teaches students who are non-verbal and students whose second language is English. Gestures, sign language, visuals, and voice output devices are regularly included in her teachings. 

“Recognizing that every one of my students may communicate differently is something that I always keep in mind,” said Lane. “The use of visuals or a device might work one day, but not the next. Being patient and flexible are huge components in finding ways for each of my students to communicate effectively.”

To help maximize students' learning in and outside the classroom, Lane decided to create a core board. It’s a type of communication tool that has symbols, bright colors, and common words. It is often used by people with complex communication needs on an electronic device. The board that Lane designed was printed on September 1 and is currently hanging near the playground. It is specifically tailored for students when they use the outdoor space. 

“The playground is an excellent area for students to work on their social and communication skills,” said Lane. “This type of communication tool makes a fun area for students even better. The goal is to always create an environment that is inclusive for everyone.” 

A core board for the lunchroom is in the process of being printed. Lane is also working on creating a board for the activity room to help facilitate communication during indoor recess. She says the board is one of the best ways to enhance student communication. 

“It provides all children with the opportunity to talk about what they see and want to do during their playtime together,” said Lane. “In addition, this board will help with awareness, inclusion, socialization, learning, and social emotional growth.”