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Southview Celebrates Life During Red Ribbon Week

Oct. 28, 2022 - Red Ribbon Week is the largest drug use preventionSouthview students and staff wear their favorite favorite sports apparel. campaign in the U.S. It was created to honor Enrique Camarena, a drug enforcement administration agent who was murdered by a drug cartel in 1985. To recognize his work and raise awareness about the impact of drugs on communities, families, and friends, Southview School held their own Red Ribbon Week dedicated to celebrating life.

“I think it is important to celebrate Red Ribbon Week because it adds a positive element to a topic that is generally negative and off-putting to many,” said Maeghan Gunn, coordinator and school counselor. “We get to create a positive atmosphere that focuses on our mental and physical health, and it gets students excited.”

Each day of the week had a different theme. For example, on Wednesday students and staff teamed up against drugs and wore their favorite sports apparel. On Thursday, everyone rallied together and wore the color red. Classrooms and offices were also challenged to decorate their door with a drug free theme.

“So far the nurses are winning,” said Gunn. “We do have lessons for classrooms to promote a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle. High school students watched a PBS video about vaping and then held a class discussion. For the elementary students, teachers taught lessons from the Healthy Kids Project and listened to and sang healthy choices songs by groups like Hope Dealers.”

Southview will continue to celebrate life all week long each year. Gunn says she hopes the awesome spirit show by students and staff will carry over to next years’ celebrations.

“My favorite part has been seeing the participation from students and staff,” said Gunn. “It really has created a positive environment for everyone this week.”