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PE Teacher Acquires Adaptive Bike for Student

Nov. 14, 2022 - Drew Beckner, a physical education/health teacher at Ridge Meadows Elementary in the RockwoodEvie Morgan sits on her adaptive bike and takes a picture with her PE teacher, Drew Breckner. School District went the extra mile and acquired an adaptive bike from the Disabled Athletes Sports Association (DASA) for Evie Morgan, a fourth-grade student. Morgan has an orthopedic impairment and uses a wheelchair and forearm crutches to move around. 

“I was excited,” said Evie. “Now I get to go on the track and go on the grass. Before, when I was in my other wheelchair, I would sink in the grass. When I was using my sticks, I would be so tired by the time I made it to the track and would be worn out for the rest of the class.” 

After noticing that Morgan was having some issues and talking with Brian Carroll, her adaptive PE teacher, Beckner reached out to DASA with hopes of finding a solution. Beckner wanted Evie to be able to socialize and increase her heart rate like everyone else. 

“I was familiar with the resources and contacts that DASA possessed,” said Beckner. “They expressed that a teacher had never reached out to them before and that they only had bikes for athletes. However, after probing more and explaining that I take students outside almost everyday, they agreed Evie qualified and that the bike would meet her needs.”

The adaptive bike is powered by Morgan turning the handles with her hands. She’s in a seated position, which takes the pressure off of her legs. The bike has gears, like a standard bike, so Evie can adjust the difficulty level. 

“We’re really thankful for Mr. Beckner,” said Heather Morgan, Evie’s mom. “He went above and beyond his job description as an educator. Allowing Evie to participate with her friends is something we thought might not be possible. For him to find a way and make this happen is amazing. It’s really incredible.”

Morgan is currently borrowing the bike from DASA free of charge. She can use the bike for as long as she needs to or until she outgrows the one she is using. The bike is stored at the elementary school, but she and her family have access to it after school hours. 

“We recently had a mile run, which our school calls the Pumpkin Run. Evie got to participate by using her bike to follow the route,” said Heather Golden, Morgan’s special education teacher. “She had a blast!”