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Students and Staff Celebrate Thanksgiving

Nov. 21, 2022 - Ackerman School and Northview High School each held a Thanksgiving feast for students and staff. Students were served everything from fried chicken toAckerman and Northview students and staff enjoy a Thanksgiving meal. green beans, mashed potatoes, turkey, ham, and desserts like pumpkin pie and fried apples. The annual event is a time for the school communities to express gratitude and spend time together. 

“The whole school participates,” said Lisa Leonard-Sneed, Ackerman principal. “I just love it because the students can sit together with the staff and it helps build community. It’s a great way for our staff to serve our students.” 

Jamel Jones is a senior at Northview and he helped set the table by wrapping silverware in napkins. While he was looking forward to satisfying his sweet tooth, he couldn’t overlook how the feast allowed him to commune with his classmates. 

“I think it should continue every year,” said Jones. “You get to see your friends, people I love.”

At Ackerman, food was made by the cafeteria staff. At Northview, some food was brought in by staff and other items were made by Eagleway Cafe student workers. 

“The students made the macaroni this morning and they finished making the stuffing right before the feast began,” said Kimberly Shoulta, a teacher who helps run the Eagle Way Cafe teacher. “We do this because some students are not able to have Thanksgiving with their families. We try to do something for them around the holidays. We see each other every day, all day long, so we are a family.” 

Ackerman and Northview plan on hosting another feast in December.