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150 Winter Food Kits Provided for SSD Families

 VSP student smiles for the camera while packing winter food kids in Central Office.

Dec. 13, 2022 - Since 2021, SSD’s FACE (Family and Community Engagement) has led the charge in providing Winter Food Kits for SSD families. This December, over 150 boxes filled with canned tuna, chicken, oatmeal, applesauce, fruit cups, granola bars, and much more will be delivered by Warehouse staff to SSD sites for families to pick-up. 

“We recognized the need during the height of the pandemic,” said Adrienne Eaglin, FACE manager. “We care about our students and families and realize that our support must extend beyond the classroom.”

Assistance for families has more than doubled since the program began. All the food items are funded by the Special Education Foundation Critical Needs program. This year, they received a Cardinal’s Care Grant and dedicated the funds to purchasing food for SSD families. Vocational Skills Program (VSP) students in Central Office and North Tech help count, sort, and pack all of the food. For some, this is their biggest project of the school year. 

“I really enjoy watching my students have fun with this job,” said Lauren Maclin, VSP teacher. “When the food was delivered, my students had so many questions about what we were going to do with all of it. After I explained everything, they were so excited.” 

VSP Teacher Rachael Blake has had her students help out with the program since its inception. She says it’s a great way for them to practice important work skills while giving back to the community. 

“They enjoy having one big project that they can work on together as a team,” said Blake. “They are so motivated to pack food boxes for SSD students that need food and it helps them see that the work they do positively impacts others.”

All items will be delivered to SSD sites on December 15. 

“Our Warehouse staff are always willing to help and do so with a smile,” said Eaglin. “This program also wouldn’t be a success without the support and dedication of the VSP teachers and assistants.”