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Constance Anthony Receives John Cary Scholarship

 North Tech student Constance Anthony works on design pants for the annual fashion show.

March 15, 2023 - Constance Anthony's talents are abundant. She is a senior student at Hazelwood Central High School and in the Fashion Design program at North Technical High School. Due to her creativity in the fashion world and ambition to help those struggling with mental health, she is one of five recipients who has been awarded the $5,000 John Cary Scholarship from the Special Education Foundation

“My mom is the one who broke the news to me,” said Anthony. “I was in my room and she came in and shouted, ‘You won a scholarship!’ We jumped, laughed, and did a little happy dance, so it was a very exciting moment.”

Darnicia Darden is Anthony’s Fashion Design instructor and has had her as a student since she was a junior. She describes her work ethic as impeccable, which is why she decided to write a letter of recommendation for Anthony’s John Cary application. She says Anthony comes to class everyday ready to get to work. 

“She is very serious about her craft and education,” said Darden. “She has always been self-starting and doesn’t let challenges or inconveniences stop her from moving forward. I admire her focus and recognition of where she wants to be in the future.”

In the fall, Anthony will be attending Spelman College in Atlanta, GA. The school is a Historically Black College/University (HBCU) for women. She plans to major in psychology and minor in African diaspora studies. 

“After that, I would like to get my masters and doctorate of psychology as well,” said Anthony. “I chose to attend Spelman because they are the number one producer of black women who get their PhD in the STEM field and that is what I want to do. I want to specifically help African American males cope with trauma. I want our community to be able to talk about our feelings and express them in a healthy way because our feelings are important.”

While at Spelman, Anthony would like to join a book club, be involved in any mental health initiatives, and begin a fashion club. 

“I love fashion. I have been interested in fashion ever since I was 7 years old,” said Anthony. "It will continue to be a big and important part of my life.” 

Anthony is at the tail end of completing her senior year final project, which involves her coming up with three original pieces for the annual fashion show on April 14. 

“My collection is called metamorphosis,” said Anthony. “It’s based on the life cycle of a butterfly. It also represents my growth in the fashion program over the past two years.” 

Darden encourages Anthony to continue being herself as she moves onto the next stage of her life. She believes Anthony’s drive is what will take her far.