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Emanuel Young Announced as North Tech Principal

March 15, 2023 - During the March 14, 2023, Board of Education meeting, Emanuel Young was approved as the principal at North Tech High School. Young has served as the coordinator of Partners in Education in Rockwood School District since 2019 and will begin his tenure with Special School District on July 1, 2023. 

“As a member of this community, I am honored to have the opportunity to serve the students, families, and staff of North Technical High School,” said Young. “My vision for North Tech is to build on its rich legacy of high-quality CTE programs and lead the school into the future. I am committed to fostering a positive and inclusive school culture that supports student learning, engagement, and success. North Tech has many strengths, including highly skilled instructors, robust program offerings, and strong connections to the workforce. I am thrilled about the opportunity to reinforce our position as a leader in CTE and a destination for students and employers.”

In his current role, Young establishes and manages partnerships within Rockwood. He has focused on ensuring all students have access to experiential learning and are aware of the full scope of career opportunities. He worked closely with SSD in 2022 and 2023 as a partner in our St. Louis County Apprenticeship & Career Pathways Showcase events, serving as Rockwood’s representative and hosting events at Eureka High School.

Prior to this, he served as the state program coordinator for Virtual Enterprises International and taught business education at Parkway West High School. He also served as the CTE coordinator and business teacher for Manhattan Business Academy in New York and taught business and special education at the Middle School for Marketing & Legal Studies in Brooklyn.  

Young holds an educational specialist from Southwest Baptist University, a bachelor of arts in business administration and marketing from Morehouse College, and a master's in secondary education for students with disabilities from Brooklyn College. He was recognized as the 2015 NYC Virtual Enterprise Teacher of the Year and the 2018 Parkway West High School Teacher of the Year.