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Talent Show Boost Student Confidence

8th grader Falynn Taylor sang a song in Korean called “We Are” from the TV show Straw Hat Pirate.

April 26, 2023 - Students put on a show stopping performance at the annual Ackerman Talent Show. There were nearly 25 acts that ranged from signing, dancing, joke telling, drawing, football skills, and even video games. 

“The audience saw live and video recorded performances,” said Stephanie Jones, music teacher and event coordinator. “I do both to try to include as many people as possible and allow for whatever talents our students feel they want to show off. I never want anyone to feel left out.”

8th grader Falynn Taylor sang a song in Korean called “We Are” from the TV show Straw Hat Pirate. She was the only student performer who spoke in a foreign language. 

“I didn’t learn all of the Korean language, just the lyrics to the song,” said Taylor. “If I really like a song, I will do anything to learn it even if it is in a language I don’t know.”

Jones has been working with performers one-on-one for months to prepare. She helps students select background music and costumes, practice their acts, and overcome stage fright. 

“Because performing is optional, the students who end up on stage are the ones who want to be there, so it’s important that they build a positive association with performing in front of an audience,” said Taylor. “The students who come to watch the show have fun cheering on their peers which adds to the performers gaining a sense of self-worth. It makes them feel proud and that‘s what I love.”

As a new addition this year, teachers also joined in the performances. Jones and her special guest Aaron Nieson swing danced to the song “It Don’t Mean a Thing” by Duke Ellington. Charlie Mcinnes, teacher assistant, showed everyone her paper quilling skills through video, and Sara Guilfoy, occupational therapist, spoke “Erlkonig”, a German poem.